What? Every time you put on your lipstick, you’re kissing the corpses of thousands of insects? !

Lipstick has always been a girl’s favorite,

But recently I saw a popular science news from BBC,

Why do people eat so many bugs in a lifetime?

Every time you put on your lipstick, you’re kissing thousands of dead insects.

Insects in lipstick are usually referred to as cochineal insects,

It lives on cacti because it contains carmine acid,

Natural red pigment can be extracted.

Now, with the advent of synthetic dyes,

Cochineal took a big hit,

But its natural and safety has always been sought after by people.

And we know from looking at the data,

The traditional carmine dye used to make 1 pound of beauty products,

With access to about 70,000 females,

RED 0 is the embodiment of Hourglass

Commitment to animal welfare: Not using any animal by-products,

Do not harm any animals. CONFESSION gold cigarette tube lipstick

RED 0 uses the unique design of RED mouth infrared tube,

And decorated with insect patterns, to show the brand’s love for animals,

It all pays homage to “nature”, the beautiful Muse of inspiration.

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