Sugarcane Plastic

Sugarcane Plastic

Sugarcane plastic is a bio-based plastic that is created using renewable plant-based materials.
Sugarcane plastic looks and functions much like PP and PE plastic and is just as recyclable but is widely considered an eco-friendlier packaging choice.

Why dose Fomalhaut use sugarcane plastic?

 We choose to use sugar cane plastic because this packaging material is readily recyclable and has a great environmental profile.
The sturdy but squeezy nature of sugar cane plastic is also very practical, which means that our products pop back into shape after every use.

Is sugarcane plastic eco-friendly?

 Sugar cane plastic requires little energy to produce and is light to ship but there’s another reason why this packaging material is considered eco-friendly.
For every 1 kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, 3 kilos of C02 are removed from our atmosphere.
This exchange helps to slow down climate change and can be described as being climate positive.

Is sugarcane plastic recyclable?

 Yes, all our sugar cane plastic tubes can be recycled with your usual household recycling. The tubes’ PE & PP plastic lids can also be recycled at the kerbside through local authorities.

How to order packaging made from sugarcane material ?

Simply email us the model number from our catalog or website and indicate that you require sugarcane material and your desired finishes. This is the same as a typical product inquiry, and we will respond promptly within 24 hours to assist with your project, including providing samples and a quote.

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