Japan releases contaminated water, cosmetics ruined?

With the global reaction to environmental protests,
It didn’t stop Japan after all
Contaminated water into the sea, August 24,
Fukushima nuclear water into the sea,
Triggering domestic consumers to import from Japan
Cosmetic safety concerns.

Cosmetics, though not like food
Straight in, but because it’s in direct contact with the skin,
So security has always been a concern.
Especially this time when Japanese nuclear water spilled into the sea,
Consumers are generally concerned about “water used in the production of cosmetics.
And ocean cosmetics raw materials are still safe?”
And other topics have sparked heated debate.

Japan’s nuclear sewage was released into the sea this time,
Does give Japan relevant cosmetics development
Adds a lot of uncertainty.

So Japanese cosmetics
Is there really only “nothing” in the future?
The hot springs in Beppu, Japan, have long been hailed as a “healing place,”
It attracts a large number of tourists every year to soak the soup and nourish the skin,
Product ingredients to explore in this direction,
Maybe it’s a good try.

“onsensou” comes from Japan
Beppu’s healing grade Hot spring Algae Essence is a care brand.
Specially chosen to grow in Beppu Onsen
“Hot spring algae essence” as the main ingredient,
Born hot spring algae essence scalp care
And body care products.

The packaging quality of Onsensou is high,
Outstanding appearance level, elegant bamboo carving
Bottle design + wood grain bottle cap + Morandi green color,
It’s almost an Oriental aesthetic,
The design concept originated from Beppu
Classic “bamboo culture” craft,
Products look good in a corner of the bathroom.

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