How to approach your cosmetic packaging design?

What Is Cosmetic Packaging Design?

This may involve the design of shapes, colors, typography, logos, images and other visual elements for different types of packages like:

Airless bottles

Professional cosmetic packaging companies combine their creativity and technical skills to help businesses in the beauty sector get a package design that:

Conveys their brand promise
Reinforces their brand identity

How To Design Cosmetic Packaging That Sells

Building a loyal and engaged community around your brand can be a tricky process. The competition is fierce and modern consumers are as picky as never before.
However, whether you are a brick-and-mortar beauty brand or a digital store, there is one key physical touchpoint that comes first: packaging.
An authentic cosmetic packaging design can make all the difference. It will stand out on the shelf and get your beauty products into your customers’ bags.

Follow these key steps to designing packaging that sells:

Define your ideal buyers: Whether you have in-house graphic designers or you will consider the help of professional packaging design companies, the initial step to take before you start the actual design is to define your ideal clients. Considering factors like what problems your products solve, who they are for, what their demographics and psychographics are will help you create a design that resonates with the right audience.

Establish a brand positioning: As we previously mentioned, the cosmetic industry is a competitive one. It means that you as a business will compete with many other brands that sell similar products. However, a key factor that will help you stand out is how you position your company on the market. Determine what personality you want to portray to your audience to find out what elements to use in your cosmetic packaging design.

Create a mood board: This step serves as an inspiration for your brand’s visuals and helps you understand how you want your consumers to perceive your product. Simply search online for images, fonts, colors and other elements that you feel embody your brand personality. These will serve as ideas for the design process.

Choose a packaging type: Depending on the type of product, decide what packaging you will use. Whether it will be a dropper, sprayer or pump, ensure it makes sense and follows the packaging standards. For instance, body lotions would normally be put in airless bottles and liquid face powders in droppers.

Determine the packaging dimensions: During this step, a few aspects should be considered including the precise shapes and sizes of your product container. Your designers will help you adjust these dimensions and based on your budget they will determine the quality and material of the packaging.

Design the visual elements: Finally, during the last step of the packaging design process, your designers will create the visual elements that represent your brand and products. These include logo, colors, images, typography and other aspects that represent your personality and identity.

Cosmetic Packaging Designs That Foster Strong Brand Identity

[Source: Nars]

1. Nars

Nars is known as an industry leader in beauty products that leave an impression.
Its new 18-piece collection of lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and blush shades comes in a limited edition that is named after the most inspiring woman in François Nars’ life, his mother, Claudette Augustine.
As a dark and moody brand, the company’s new luxury cosmetic packaging design pairs beautifully with its logo and the graphic crimson star, heart and butterfly prints.
This simple, minimalistic design is extremely seductive and has an edge to it that helps elevate it from the competition. It’s moody, with a dark and mysterious personality that refuses to be ignored.
These Nars’ psychedelic makeup packaging designs are sure to turn heads.

[Source: Milk Makeup]

2. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup’s futuristic cosmetic packaging design is bold and in your face. This brand uses a bright, eye-catching silver color that shines for most of its packaging.
This, plus a bold, white sans-serif typography makes for a cosmetic packaging design that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.
Milk keeps its design simple and minimal. Whether selling lipstick or a face mask, the packaging and its design remain consistent.
This brand makes heavy use of white space, clean typography and minimal text to create a makeup line that lets you decide how to use it.
If you’re looking for a makeup brand that knows what it’s doing and doesn’t go overboard with its design, Milk is the brand for you.
This packaging is an exciting display of how minimalism can make an impact, and turn an otherwise simple product into one that could be seen in a display case.

[Source: Benefit]

3. Benefit

Benefit is a funky cosmetic brand whose design is inspired by vintage influences.
Pinup girls line most of the products, cute and intricate drawings of beautiful, happy-go-lucky women straight out of the 1920s.
This imagery is extremely engaging and adds a playful edge to the design as a whole.
This brand also takes advantage of bright and exciting colors. Pinks, whites and silvers are the main colors used here, either working as a background color, as an accent or in the typography.
This cosmetic packaging design really pops because of the imagery, vintage vibes and enthusiastic use of color.
It is unique, calming and beautiful and they keep this theme consistent across all of their packaging.
It’s obviously much easier to tell a story on a tin or box than it is on a tube of mascara, but Benefit is able to weave this story and these characters across all of its product offerings to align itself as a brand that is fun, cool and in touch with the times.

[Source: SK-II]

4. SK-II

SKI-II’s limited edition XOXO PITERA facial treatment essence is inspired by happy reunions of love, hugs and kisses.
This cosmetic packaging design has a red matte background and emphasizes the brand’s bright logo with clean lines of words.
The bold, gold typography that covers the whole packaging seeks attention and tells consumers that this might be just the perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.
The XOXO Pitera facial treatment essence comes in a luxury cosmetic packaging design that celebrates love which is why the red color prevails.

[Source: Fenty Beauty]

5. Fenty Beauty

The new collection of Rihana’s famous brand Fenty Beauty of slip shine sheer shiny lipsticks comes in a creative yet minimalistic makeup packaging design.
The brand played with the form of these products and their designs stand out mostly for their clever geometric shape which makes them stand out on the shelves.
With an interesting hexagonal shaping and clean bold typography that represents the company logo, these designs embody Rihana’s personality of taking risks and pushing boundaries.
This luxury cosmetic packaging design is inclusive yet simple and minimal. Its elegance and chic look and feel make these products soft and inviting.

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