Cosmetics “open private model” source of inspiration – only the devil, dare to design like this!

Cosmetics sell well, in addition to brand awareness,

Product quality aside, the most striking

It’s the packaging of cosmetics,

A good creative packaging can often be great

Capture the attention of your potential audience.

The new jigme beauty brand just launched in April
ArteSinsa is a fairly novel one
It’s a niche brand. It’s been social since it went public
The platform is getting a lot of girls.

I’ve never seen such beautiful makeup,
Living cosmetics into a work of art,
I mean, don’t designers sleep?
How can you be inspired so much!
It is really only a genius who dares to design like this!
Let’s see what it’s about!

The packaging takes the Greek art style of the palace of art,
The design uses a very textured
Pure gypsum white packaging,
Bottle body “open private model” super unique personality!

The design is really clever,
At the sight of such packaging, I feel that there is a kind of ground breaking
Rebirth, a sense of unyielding destiny,
Sure enough, a look at the product name – Rock water lip glaze!

The packaging is like shattered plaster,
The half-broken plaster hides the inner tube of the product packaging material,
Packaging material shell mimics “rock” with fog surface material,
The inner tube of the packaging echoes the effect of “water light” to make a bright surface,
This bold and innovative design is sophisticated and textured,
It is as collectible as art!

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