Baby bottle attracts girls’ attention: focus on body

Being kind to yourself is the best investment you can make,

iota Body Care products

The packaging takes the milk bottle shape as the design inspiration.

Focus on the body “nutrition” care, Siamese Logo super recognizable!

The logo Siamese design is designed through its unique kerning

And direction to evoke a sense of continuous motion,

The unique design of black and white simplicity cures my alone time.

iota’s brand name comes from the word microbiome,

Defined as “living microorganisms present in a specific environment”.

iota is designed to enhance your microbiome

And skin health,

The one trillion microbes that live on our skin,

Is a key barrier to healthy skin:

Not only does it protect us against accelerated aging and acne,

The first line of defense for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

It is also important for brightening and moisturizing the skin.

Just like our gut microbiome,

Our skin microbiome can also affect our overall health.

For a girl who’s a stickler for details,

Such a healthy and personalized product

Can always attract our love under the radar,

iota takes a look at the little things that make bathing the most everyday,

By injecting nutritious microbes into the body’s maintenance series,

Quietly remind us not to forget to take good care of the tired body and mind.

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