‘Adaptogen’ skincare Craze? Retro design, high recognition!

Now that chronic stress is a global problem,

And chronic stress can cause

Obesity, insomnia, acne, eczema,

Stress muscle and other body and skin health problems.

As people’s health needs become more diverse and refined,

Chronic stress and its adverse effects,

Is becoming a special focus of attention.

Under such circumstances,

In recent years in the international field of natural beauty

Adaptogens that speed up the epidemic

Ingredient skin care is on fire, going viral all over the world.

What are “adaptive” ingredients for skin care?

It refers to a group of animals derived mainly from nature

The special energetic active ingredient extracted,

They can help the skin better

In response to various external pressures and stimuli,

And improve skin health balance.

The term “adaptogen” has its origins

Traditional Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal extracts,

In addition to improving cognitive function and regulating mood,

In addition to increasing energy levels, it also increases the body’s ability to withstand stress,

Regulate body immunity and other functions.

Deon Libra is a conditioning body

A skin care brand that works to relieve chronic stress,

Designed to protect skin from signs of damage from environmental stress,

Core Ganoderma lucidum ingredients have anti-aging and

Early signs of fine lines and may reduce pigmentation

Overdo and soothe skin conditions like eczema, combat acne,

Helps lighten dark spots and brighten skin tone.

The product’s bold red packaging makes people

Feel the brand bold, powerful, smart,

Sexy, confident and proud.

At the same time, the packaging design gives a luxurious feeling,

With the aesthetic of a vintage perfume bottle.

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