8 Innovative Packaging Designs to Glamorize Your Cosmetics Line

Driven by aesthetics and appearance, the global cosmetic packaging market worth is set to reach USD 35.7 billion by 2024. From shelves to store-centers, and now the spotlight; the design, look & feel, and product safety makes every cosmetics packaging premium. Talking about the recent, you’ll certainly admire these innovative cosmetics packaging.

1. Innovative Cosmetics Packaging Material

Sughera from Corpack GmbH is an innovative material for cosmetics packaging comprising 70% cork and 30% rubber blend. This amalgamation uses less petroleum-based products and hence is easy to recycle. Sughera range is suitable for a wide range of cosmetics packaging.

This innovation is a level up in research and development, which is accounting the recyclability process apart from being 100% recyclable material.

2. Guilt-free Packaging

The cosmetics industry is not untouched with the wave of sustainability. Soaper Duper- a leading bath and body product manufacturer uses 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic for its primary packaging.

Cosmetics packaging involves primary and secondary components. Primary being the cosmetic container and the wrapping forms the secondary packaging. Most of Soaper Duper’s packaging comes from recycled semi-skimmed milk cartons.

3. The Green Chemistry

Pylote’s technology for solvent-free packaging products is a remarkable step towards adopting sustainable processes. The technology uses mineral microspheres to create smart materials. A guided reaction between air, water, and temperature forms microspheres. These can be integrated into existing packages to prevent microbial activities. The cosmetics thus don’t require synthetic preservatives in packaging.

4. Compostable Containers

Seed Phytonutrients, a division of L’Oréal USA has designed shampoo bottles made from recycled, recyclable, and compostable paper. These pump-bottles are waterproof and even the labels are made of paper.
The inner lining comprises of thin plastic, which collapses as the product is used. This also reduces the product wastage to the maximum possible.

5. Simplicity with a Modern Twist

Naturelab Tokyo won Pentawards 2018 in the category of body care packaging. Designed by Sayuri Studio Inc. these hair care bottles showcase simplicity and minimalism at best.

6. Airless Technology

The Envers range of cosmetic packaging from Lumson uses airless technology on its PETG bottles. PETG corresponds to Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, which is less prone to chemical reactions than PET.

Airless technology ensures product protection from moisture, thereby increasing shelf life. Another benefit of airless technology is- the product doesn’t stick to the surface and saves wastage by up to 95%. The cosmetics industry has been using this technology for quite some years. Enver’s aesthetics and material blending airless technology label it to luxury cosmetics packaging design.

7. Cheeky Packaging for Fans

When it comes to living up to the target customers’ preferences, MAC cosmetics deployed it the best. Jeremy Scott- the pop music icon designed cheeky packaging for MAC’s beauty range. Incorporating mixtapes and boomboxes, MAC’s Jeremy Scott collection is really catchy.

‍The packaging also won Beauty Innovation & Design Awards 2018.

8. Unconventional Packaging

In the luxury segment, Raepak introduced sliding lid containers for facial creams and moisturizing lotions. It uses acrylic material, which exhibits excellent optical clarity. In addition, the container beholds a spatula, not visible from the outer packaging.

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